apm – Advanced Power Management 1.2 BIOS interface

(in plan9.ini) apm0=

bind –a '#P' /dev

aux/apm [ –d device ] [ –m mountpoint ] [ –s service ]

Aux/apm presents at mountpoint (default /mnt/apm) an interface to the APM 1.2 BIOS (see apm(3)) device (the default is to try /dev/apm, followed by #P/apm). If a service is specified, the interface will be posted at /srv/service as well.

The directory contains the following files.
Contains one line for each battery in the system. Each line lists three fields: the status (a string, one of unknown, high, low, critical, or charging), the percent charge remaining, and an estimate of the amount of time left in seconds. If either or both of the last two are unknown, the corresponding field will be zero.
ctl   The ctl file is used to set power management modes for various parts of the system. Control messages are of the form ``device verb,'' where device is one of system, display, storage, lpt, eia, network, and pcmcia, and verb is one of enable, disable, standby, and on. Enable and
disable control whether power management is active for the device, while standby puts the device into standby mode and on brings it back to full power.
Reads from this file will block until an APM event has occurred. A large enough read is guaranteed to return an integral number of textual event descriptions, one per line.


The verbs suspend and off should be supported but doing so requires nontrivial help from the kernel.
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