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frotz-2.43.tar.bz2:  Z-code interprepter for playing interactive fiction. just type mk.

sparse.tar.gz: native port of the sparse matrix direct solver (KLU) 

al.tar.gz: A ledger for monitoring your financial accounts. written in awk script. 

vscm0r4.tar.bz2: Another scheme interpreter by Mathias Blume. It is R4RS compliant.

umbscheme.tar.bz2: This is the same umbscheme port from fgb. with some addon.

hugs98-sep2006.tar.bz2: This is the Sep 2006 release of the haskell interpreter. Ported using APE.
palm: This directory contains stuff my Palm TX.  
scheme: Playing around with my plan9 scheme interpreter.
escomma: Haskell version of my old project the escomma circuit simulator.
spice2.tgz:  Port of the berkeley spice2 circuit simulation.
spice3.tgz: Port of the berkeley spice3 circuit simulation.

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