Plan 9 from Bell Labs’s /usr/web/sources/contrib/fgb/rc/charon

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Distributed under the Lucent Public License version 1.02.
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rfork n

if(! test -f /dev/draw/new){
	bind -a '#i' /dev

if(test /mnt/plumb/send){
	aux/stub /dev/plumb.input
	bind /mnt/plumb/send /dev/plumb.input

label `{basename $0}
bind /dev/null /dev/label

exec /usr/inferno/Plan9/$objtype/bin/emu -G -I -c1 /dis/sh.dis -c '
	mount -bc {mntgen} /mnt
	bind -c ''#U*'' /n/local
	bind -c ''#₪'' /srv
	bind -c /n/local/dev/ /chan/
	rioimport {
		charon -buttons plain -framework all,exit $* > /dev/null >[2=1]
		echo halt > /dev/sysctl
	} $*
' $*

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