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Bah, I just realised I've been using createfile wrong - time to handle 9p myself

goofs.iso: google queries as a file system. echo $urlencoded_request > /n/goofs/ctl; cat  /n/goofs/$urlencoded_request/1/ ^(title description url)
dhttp: Distributed httpd with per domain access controls. httpfs is a request broker, some shell scripts for serving content included (w.i.p.) - BROKEN atm. I'm doing a re-write
imgfs.iso : mounts rgb images as files, includes a few filters for file formats and effects
newns.c : calls newns in the same way ip/httpd/httpd does but drops you to a shell - debugging ip/httpd/httpd
nutz.iso : rio with coloured window background, border colours, font colours for regular and highlighted text; window -bg 0xff3333ff -text 0xffffffff -bord 0xffff88ff -htext 0xffff00ff -high 0xff00ffff # this crashes sometimes :(
sasPY9P.iso : Python 9p server (and client). This is the version I used when all there was at the other end was python so I couldn't compile u9fs.
snapscan.iso : Foray into USB hell, I got as far as uploading the firmware (yes every time you use it!) and preparing to scan but no further. 
urlencode.c : urlencoder / decoder format routines for print(2)
ppm2eps: converts ppm files to eps files (useful for adding images to troff files)
hmac.c : sha1/md5 signatures using keys also i.e. sign x with key using sha1

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