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util-*.tgz: library with common function, in limbo
snmp-*.tgz: snmp tools and client library, in limbo
torrent-*.tgz: (work in progress) bittorrent client, in limbo
nopoint-*.tgz: magicpoint-like tool for slides, in limbo
zipfs-*.tgz: zip file system and tools for reading & writing zip files, in limbo
pdfread-*.tgz: (unfinished/stalled) pdf-reading library & to text conversion tool
ssh-*.tgz: (unfinished/stalled) ssh & sftpfs client, in limbo
authsrv9-*.tgz: authsrv with only ticket request & password change support, in plain unix c
hgfs-*.tgz: hg (mercurial) file format parser & file server, in limbo
hgweb-*.tgz: hg web frontend, in limbo
http-*.tgz: http library (for both client & server), in limbo
httpd-*.tgz: httpd, in limbo
scgid-*.tgz: scgi daemon, for use with web servers, in limbo
ircfs-*.tgz: irc file server, includes a tk frontend (wm/irc), in limbo
webdavfs-*.tgz: webdav client file server, in limbo
textmangle-*.tgz: plain text document parser (not unlike markdown), and converter, in limbo
cryptfile-*.tgz: encrypted block file (with xts & cbc with sector-encrypted iv's), in limbo
games-*.tgz: just one game for now: blobslay, in limbo
memventi-*.tz: a venti with in-memory index, in unix c
ventisrv-*.tgz: a venti with in-memory index, in limbo
web-*.tgz: libraries for dealing with the web (html etc), in limbo
httptun-*.tgz: tcp connection tunneling over http (does not work in practice), in limbo
lsynergy-*.tgz: synergy client in limbo
hdict-*.tgz: dict client, in limbo
lyricd-*.tgz: daemon that fetches lyrics from the web, including web frontend, in limbo
attrfs-*.tgz: experimental & unfinished file server to navigate through attributes, in limbo
playfs-*.tgz: experimental & unfinished file server for playing music
pdict: dict (rfc2229) in python
pdictsearch: find misspelled word
pcidevs.tgz: display pci vendor, device, class and subclass strings
ssh9fs: mount filesystems from unix machines
u9fs-setup: install u9fs on a unix machine
rotate.tgz: rotate and flip images
life.tgz: game of life
readme: details such as usage of the scripts
pcap2snoopy.tgz: convert from pcap (packet capture, tcpdump) to snoopy)
wip: old, not even work in progress anymore

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