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the information in the paragraph below this one is quite old.  i'm now
keeping track of my inferno/limbo code using mercurial.  it can be
accessed over the http,  or better, you can
mount a 9p/styx exported variant of the repository, e.g.:

	srv net!!6867 mjlhg /n/mjlhg
	ls -l /n/mjlhg/*/tgz/*.tgz

	mount -A net!!6867 /n/mjlhg
	ls -l /n/mjlhg/*/tgz/*.tgz

	install u9fs on a remote machine.  if the remote machine
	accepts ssh1, try:

		u9fs-setup ssh user@host

	then add to bin/ssh9fs:

				case somename
					srvssh -u bin/u9fs user@host $1 /n/$1

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