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The packages below have been migrated to contrib replicas,
see /n/sources/contrib/fgb/tar/contrb.tgz

82563: intel 82563-family ethernet controlers
9load-e820: 9load with e820 scan and sd updates
abaco: my version of abaco
aoe: coraid-supported aoe driver
aoetools: aoe debugging tools
atazz: scuzz analogue for ata devices
cec: cec (coraid ethernet console) client
code2000: code2000 font.  very good unicode coverage but average at best quality.
cyberbit: cyberbit subpixel fonts with good unicode coverage
faces: faces with nupas support and middle button delete
find: simple find command
fs: diskless kenfs
icons: subpixel fixed-width console font.
iwhois: database-driven iwhois
palatino: subpixel palatino
rchistory: rc history & helper program
replica: replica changes from fs history paper
sd: devsd updates to support raw ata devices
vblade: virtual (software) aoe target
vera: vera subpixel fonts

older stuff

futharc.tbz: rc with history, "break" and newlines within lists.
p9p/faces.tbz: p9p faces
p9p/fs.tbz: upas/fs changes for p9p
p9p/mahjongg.tbz: mahjongg for p9p
p9p/rchistory.tbz2 rc with history support for p9p
p9p/upas.tbz: p9p upas.
src/hose.c: complement to listen1.
src/realmode: x86 realmode assembler written by brantley coile
src/wbmp: wbmp support -- unpack in /sys/src/cmd/jpg.

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