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8dis.c: simple 8086 disassembler
8i: simple x86 interpreter
86a: simple 8086 assembler
86b: simpler 8086 assembler
9pfilt.c: acme client to fiddle with 9P traffic
cpu.tar.gz: beginnings of cpu for p9p
cryptfs: AES-encrypted kfs file system
dyndns.c: dyndns (see client
ipw2200: unfinished Intel PRO/Wireless (centrino) driver
linuxemu: half-attempt at Linux binary emulator
load: kernel -> 9load converter
man: source for how to write plan 9 man pages
mbr.bootmgr: use with disk/mbr - Smart Boot Manager
mug.c: interactive program to convert images to faces
pm: binary /bin/aux/pm for -mpm macros
rlogin: rlogin in shell script
rot13fs.c: rot13 9P filter (for old 9P)
scripts: various scripts for /usr/$you/bin/rc
ssh2.tar.gz: stalled ssh2 implementation
talk: scripts to generate talk slides
vga.tgz: half-written vga(8) rewrite

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