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# terminal startup

mntgen -s slashn && chmod 666 /srv/slashn

# bind all likely devices (#S was bound in boot)
for(i in f t m v L P U '$' Σ κ)
	/bin/bind -a '#'^$i /dev >/dev/null >[2=1]

# set up any partitions

# start up local swapping
disk=`{ls /dev/sd*/swap >[2]/dev/null}
if (! ~ $#disk 0)
	swap $disk(1) >/dev/null >[2=1]
rm /env/disk

# we do this before we have a name.  we may need to do network
# setup so that we can get a name.
if(test -e /rc/bin/termrc.local)
	. /rc/bin/termrc.local

# cs sets sysname (termrc.local may already have started it so check)
if(! test -e /srv/cs && ! test -e /net/cs)
	ndb/cs -f $NDBFILE
sysname=`{cat /dev/sysname}
if (~ $#sysname 0 || ~ $sysname '') {
	sysname = gnot			# default
	echo -n $sysname >/dev/sysname

# machine specific startup (e.g., for devices not probed)
if(test -e /cfg/$sysname/termrc)
	. /cfg/$sysname/termrc

# start IP on the LAN, if not already configured.  diskless terminals
# are already configured by now.  It's commented out to avoid a long timeout
# on startup waiting for DHCP.
# If your site provides DHCP service,
#if(! test -e /net/ipifc/0/ctl)
#	ip/ipconfig
# Otherwise, see /cfg/$sysname/termrc (/cfg/example/termrc is an example).

# start dns if we have an internet
if(test -e /net/ipifc/0/ctl && ! test -e /srv/dns)
	ndb/dns -r

if(! ~ $terminal *vx32*){
	# start timesync if it isn't running and we weren't told not to
	if(! ps|grep -s timesync)
		if(! ~ $TIMESYNCARGS '')
			aux/timesync $TIMESYNCARGS
	# add the loop-back device
	if(grep -s loopback /dev/drivers)
		ip/ipconfig loopback /dev/null 127.1
	# set things up for vmware
	if(! ~ `{cat /dev/user} none)
		if(test -e /bin/aux/vmware)

# query user if terminal isn't adequately configured yet
if(~ $mouseport ask){
	echo -n 'mouseport is (ps2, ps2intellimouse, 0, 1, 2)[ps2]: '
	if(~ $#mouseport 0)
if(~ $vgasize ask){
	echo -n 'vgasize [640x480x8]: '
	if(~ $#vgasize 0)
if(~ $monitor ask){
	echo -n 'monitor is [xga]: '
	if(~ $#monitor 0)
if(test -f /dev/mousectl){
	case ps2 ps2intellimouse 0 1 2
		aux/mouse $mouseport
		# parse vgasize into fields
		vgasize=`{echo $vgasize}
		if(! ~ $"monitor '' && ! ~ `{cat /dev/user} none)
			aux/vga -l $vgasize
		if(~ $accupoint 1)
			pipefile -dr /bin/aux/accupoint /dev/mouse

if (test -f /dev/apm)

dontkill '^(ipconfig|factotum|mntgen|fossil|cs|dns|listen|reboot)$'

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