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9fans is a list for discussion about Plan 9 and related technologies.

To subscribe you can send an email to with "subscribe 9fans" as the body or use the web form at:

An unidirectional gateway forwards all 9fans emails to the Usenet group comp.os.plan9; this used to be a bidirectional gateway, but seems to be broken, so please only post to 9fans directly and not to comp.os.plan9.

Please avoid sending messages containing MIME or HTML.

9fans is archived in various places:


You can also email for support or report bugs. But probably using 9fans is a better idea as the persons taking care of 9trouble are usually very busy.


Vita Nuova runs an Inferno Mailing List for the discussion related to the Inferno operating system and the Limbo programming language.

To subscribe to the list, send a message to, including the word "subscribe" in the subject or body of the message.

List archives:


The following lists are not actively used. Their archives are listed for the curious.