tarsplit, tarcat – split a tar archive into archives under some size, or combine archives

tarsplit [ –p prefix ] [ –s size ] [ file ... ]

tarcat [ file ... ]

Tarsplit copies a tar(1) archive from input file(s) into a series of independent tar archives with names starting with prefix (ts. by default) and no larger than a fixed size (512MB by default). This can be useful when copying large archives onto fixed–size storage media such as CDs or DVDs.

Tarsplit prints a list on standard output of the resulting archive names, and the first and last member names in each, to assist finding particular members without recombining the archives.

Tarcat copies tar(1) archives from input files and combines them into a single tar archive. It is the inverse of tarsplit.

Archive /adm and split the result.
; tar c /adm | tarsplit –s 409600
ts.00000: /adm/ ... /adm/brickdb/have/timeout/viaduct60
ts.00001: /adm/brickdb/have/tls–log ... /adm/timezone/Australia_ACT
ts.00002: /adm/timezone/Australia_Broken–Hill ... /adm/words
; file ts.*
ts.00000: posix tar archive
ts.00001: posix tar archive
ts.00002: posix tar archive

Reassemble the original archive and check the tail end for completeness:
; tarcat ts.* | tar t | tail –2

prefixNNNNN output archives


bsplit(1), split(1)
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