venti – archival storage server

#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>
#include <venti.h>

The Venti library provides support for writing Venti servers and clients. Other manual pages describe the library functions in detail.

Venti–cache(2) describes a simple in–memory block cache to help clients.

Venti–conn(2) describes routines for manipulating network connections between Venti clients and servers. Venti–client(2) and venti–server(2) describe routines for writing clients and servers on top of these.

Venti–fcall(2) describes the C representation of Venti protocol messages and data structures. It also describes routines that convert between the C representation and the network and disk representations.

Venti–file(2) describes routines for writing clients that manipulate Venti file trees (see venti(6)).

Venti–log(2) describes routines to access in–memory log buffers as well as the logging that is done automatically by the library.

Venti–mem(2) describes wrappers around the canonical malloc(2) routines that abort on error.

Venti–packet(2) describes routines for manipulating zero–copy chains of data buffers.

Venti–zero(2) describes routines to zero truncate and zero extend blocks (see venti(6)).


venti(1), venti–cache(2), venti–client(2), venti–fcall(2), venti–file(2) venti–log(2), venti–mem(2), venti–packet(2), venti–server(2), venti–zero(2), venti(6), venti(8)
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