statusbar – display a bar graph status window

aux/statusbar [ –kt ] [ –w minx,miny,maxx,maxy ] title

Aux/statusbar reads textual status lines from standard input, converting them into a continuously updated bar graph displayed in a new window on the screen. The title is displayed on a line above the bar graph. Each input line is two space–separated decimal numbers: the numerator and denominator of a fraction.

Statusbar exits when it reaches end–of–file on standard input. Typing DEL or control–C will also cause it to exit.

The options are:
k    do not allow typing to cause statusbar to exit
t    print an ASCII status bar to standard output, using backspace to redraw it
w    set the coordinates of the statusbar window created

The –v option to hget(1) causes it to print status lines suitable for input to statusbar.

Monitor a long download:
hget –v –o bigfile |[2]
aux/statusbar 'big file download'

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