bootfloppy, bootplan9, bootwin9x, bootwinnt, personalize, setup.9fat, setup.disk, setup.kfs, update – administration for local file systems

pc/bootfloppy floppydisk plan9.ini
pc/bootplan9 /dev/sdXX
/dev/sdXX/9fat plan9.ini
pc/setup.disk /dev/sdXX plan9.ini

These programs help maintain a file system on a local disk for a private machine.

Setup.disk partitions a disk and makes a new file system on the disk. It then calls setup.9fat, update, and personalize to initialize the file system.

Setup.9fat formats the named 9fat partition, installing /386/9load, /386/9pcdisk, and the named plan9.ini file.

Update copies the current kernel to the disk and updates files on the local file system by copying them from the main file server (named by the environment variable $fileserver). The files it updates are specified by the mkfs(8) prototype file /sys/lib/sysconfig/proto/386proto.

Personalize removes the contents of the /usr directory on the local disk and copies a minimal set of files for the user who runs the command.

The boot scripts prepare various ways to bootstrap Plan 9. Bootfloppy creates a boot floppy containing 9load, a zeroed 512–byte plan9.nvr, and the named file as plan9.ini. Bootplan9 sets the 9fat partition to be the active partition, the one used at boot time. Bootwin9x edits the files config.sys, msdos.sys, and autoexec.bat on the drive mounted by c: to provide Plan 9 as a boot menu option. These system files are first backed up as config.p9, msdos.p9, and autoexec.p9. Bootwinnt edits the Windows NT boot loader menu contained in the first FAT partition's boot.ini to provide Plan 9 as an option. It is first backed up as boot.p9. If backup files already exist, bootwin9x and bootwinnt do nothing.

/sys/lib/sysconfig/proto/Mkfs(8) prototype files.


kfs(4), 9boot(8), mkfs(8), prep(8), sd(3)
``Installing the Plan 9 Distribution''.
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