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	contains several versions of the supplicant,
	I've started to use this also a bit to freeze versions.

	contains the wavelan driver with 'fast' wep
	re-keyeing - and some other gratious changes
	I'm no longer sure I'm happy with, because
	I see lots of ether errors and I've started to 
	wonder if maybe the driver or the firmware
	is to blame.

	rush hour for plan 9.
	included is a file server to access the huge
	ttraffic.levels file distributed with pytraffic
	(a rushhour implementation in python)

	experimental fileserver that sits between a user
	(or program) and a fileserver and does substitution
	of (characters in) file names.
	Originally meant to get rid of nasty characters like
	spaces when using u9fs on remote unix where I
	did not want or was not able to rename the files.

	Note: for this use trfs is a _much_ better solution.
	Substfs is here mainly for 'historical relevance'
	(whatever relevance it may have).

	There are two substfs versions in separate directories:

		an older one using lib9p
		a newer one, that does not use lib9p.

	Both are old and likely contain bugs. The lib9p version
	probably is out-of-date with respect to current lib9p.
	9p support for tcl 8.5.
	uses tclvfs and 'chan create' to provide transparent
	access to 9p servers from within tcl.

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