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lib/cm: stuff to make troff(1) work with Knuth's Computer Modern typeface
lib/pic: pic(1) examples
lib/ troff(1) macro package for MLA format
lib/tmac.fp: replacement for ms(6)'s FP macro
man: manual pages for other things
man/1/fedex: fedex(1)
man/6/mm: mm(6) # incomplete
src: source code
src/bank: an ‘all useful features’ port of Quicken—ndb(6)-like bank account ledger
src/changelog.rc: Simple (i.e., crude) ChangeLog script for Plan 9 (patch(1) only)
src/changelog: Slightly more complex (i.e., more likely to fail) ChangeLog script for Plan 9 (patch(1) only)
src/issue: issue tracking system based on patch(1)
src/chem: pic(1) preprocessor for chemical structure diagrams
src/date-rfc3339.c: RFC 3339-ish version of date(1)
src/mailmerge: troff(1) and awk(1) mailmerge system

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