Plan 9 from Bell Labs’s /usr/web/sources/contrib/catenate/latin1.7a.font

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17	12
0x0000	0x0001	../lucsans/lsr.12
0x0001	0x009F 1	R.7.1
0x00A0	0x00FF 0xA0	../pelm/latin1.8
0x0100	0x01f0	../luc/EuroLatin.8.1
0x0250	0x02E9	../misc/ipa.8
0x0370	0x03F5	../misc/greek.8
0x0400	0x0475	../misc/cyrillic.9
0x2000	0x2044	../misc/genpunc.8
0x2070	0x208E	../pelm/supsub.8
0x20A0	0x20AC	../pelm/currency.9
0x2100	0x214f	../luc/Letterlike.7.0
0x215b	0x2183	../misc/numbforms.9
0x2160	0x21ea 0x60	../luc/Letterlike.7.0
0x2200	0x227F	../misc/math1
0x2280	0x22F1	../misc/math2
0x2300	0x232C	../misc/tech
0x2500	0x257F	../misc/chart
0x2600	0x266F	../misc/ding
0x2700	0x27BF	../misc/zapf
0xfee0	0xff5e	../pelm/latin1.8
0xFFFD 0xFFFD 0x80 ../pelm/latin1.8

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