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Sig: Adds a signature to a Mail window.
catn: Like cat(1) -n.
charon: Runs charon in its own rio window.
cleantmp: Removes unused files in "/tmp".
config: Tool to help you porting GNU software that uses configure.
contrib.index: Old contrib wiki generator.
ctime: Prints date in yyyymmdd and RFC 3339 format.
down: Downloads files and show progress, basically hget(1) | statusbar(8).
eng2spa: Translates english to spanish.
f: Finds function's definition in *.c.
fdict: Look for words in tcp!!2628.
fq: Lists frequency of words.
globe: My version of globe.
google: Plumbs the google search string.
ircrc: Irc client in rc(1).
nopaste: Paste a file or stdin on
o: Tool for creating mkfiles.
spa2eng: Translates spanish to english.
telnet: Telnet client in rc(1).
tiempo: How is the weather in .ar=
top: Tops windows (posted on 9fans by Rob).

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