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9load.tgz: Set variables at boot time.
abaco-old.tgz: An early version of abaco.
breakout.tgz: Trivial Breakout/Arkanoid clone.
html.tgz: Incremental HTML parser and htmlfmt.
js.tgz: A native port of the SpiderMonkey/JavaScript engine.
lynx2-8-7.tgz: Lynx source and binary.
mines.tgz: Minesweeper game by Antonin Vecera.
mpg.tgz: A native port of mpeg_play.
p2c.tgz: Pascal to C translator.
python.tgz: Python 2.5.1 for APE.
ptabtools.tgz: PowerTab Tools (ptb2ascii, ptb2ly, etc, includes popt-1.10).
term.tgz: Two windows inside a rio(1) with stdout redirection.
tinyscheme.tgz: Port of one Scheme interpreter.
vgasis.tgz: Aborted driver for the sis 630 vga chipset.

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