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Label:         Set acme's rio window label.
contribindex:  pretty-print /n/9pio/contrib/*/INDEX (slow! run from cron) [updated 2021-01-24].
ctags.c:       ctags from 10th edition.
dbm.c:         convert dbm to watts.
dbw.c:         convert dbW to watts.
echon.c:      'echo -n ...' as a standalone command.
finger:        finger client, inspired by rsc's rlogin in rc.
lsof:          print open file descriptors [updated 2009-11-08].
prompt.rc:     rc prompt that tracks your user+host names and current directory.
rfc.tar:       view RFCs and I-Ds from a local mirror.
ruler.c:       print a column-count ruler.
sdiff:         diff files against sources.
srevert:       revert files to the current sources version.    a mostly reconstructed version of the Programmer's Manual.
xmastree.c     blinky lights for a Modmypi christmas tree.

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