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#include "../port/portfns.h"

Dirtab*	addarchfile(char*, int, long(*)(Chan*, void*, long, vlong), 
	long(*)(Chan*, void*, long, vlong));
extern void archreboot(void);
extern void archreset(void);
extern void armtimerset(int);
extern void cachedwb(void);
extern void cachedwbinv(void);
extern void cachedinvse(void*, int);
extern void cachedwbse(void*, int);
extern void cachedwbinvse(void*, int);
extern void cachedwbtlb(void*, int);
extern void cacheiinv(void);
extern void cacheiinvse(void*, int);
extern void cacheuwbinv(void);
extern uintptr cankaddr(uintptr pa);
extern int cas32(void*, u32int, u32int);
extern int cas(ulong*, ulong, ulong);
extern void checkmmu(uintptr, uintptr);
extern void clockinit(void);
extern void clockshutdown(void);
extern int cmpswap(long*, long, long);
extern void coherence(void);
extern u32int cpidget(void);
extern u32int cprdcpaccess(void);
extern u32int cprdfeat1(void);
extern void cpuidprint(void);
extern char *cputype2name(char *buf, int size);
extern void cpwrcpaccess(u32int);
extern void cpwrtimerphysctl(u32int);
extern void cpwrtimerphysval(u32int);
#define cycles(ip) *(ip) = lcycles()
extern uintptr dmaaddr(void *va);
extern void dmastart(int, int, int, void*, void*, int);
extern int dmawait(int);
extern int fbblank(int);
extern void* fbinit(int, int*, int*, int*);
extern u32int farget(void);
extern void fpon(void);
extern ulong fprdexc(void);
extern ulong fprdscr(void);
extern ulong fprdsid(void);
extern void fpwrexc(ulong);
extern void fpwrscr(ulong);
extern void fprestreg(int fpreg, uvlong val);
extern void fprestregs(uvlong*, int);
extern void fpsave(FPsave *);
extern ulong fpsavereg(int fpreg, uvlong *fpp);
extern void fpsaveregs(uvlong*, int);
extern u32int fsrget(void);
extern uint getboardrev(void);
extern ulong getclkrate(int);
extern char* getconf(char*);
extern uint getcputemp(void);
extern char *getethermac(void);
extern uint getfirmware(void);
extern int getncpus(void);
extern int getpower(int);
extern void getramsize(Confmem*);
extern void gpiosel(uint, int);
extern void gpiopullup(uint);
extern void gpiopulloff(uint);
extern void gpiopulldown(uint);
extern void gpioout(uint, int);
extern int gpioin(uint);
extern void i2csetup(int);
extern long i2crecv(I2Cdev*, void*, long, ulong);
extern long i2csend(I2Cdev*, void*, long, ulong);
extern u32int ifsrget(void);
extern void irqenable(int, void (*)(Ureg*, void*), void*);
#define intrenable(i, f, a, b, n) irqenable((i), (f), (a))
extern void intrcpushutdown(void);
extern void intrshutdown(void);
extern void intrsoff(void);
extern int isaconfig(char*, int, ISAConf*);
extern int l2ap(int);
extern void l2cacheuwbinv(void);
extern void links(void);
extern void lpapageinit(void);
extern void mmuinit(void*);
extern void mmuinit1(void);
extern void mmuinvalidate(void);
extern void mmuinvalidateaddr(u32int);
extern void okay(int);
extern void pl011consinit(void);
extern void procrestore(Proc *);
extern void procsave(Proc*);
extern void procsetup(Proc*);
extern void screeninit(void);
#define sdfree(p) free(p)
#define sdmalloc(n)	mallocalign(n, BLOCKALIGN, 0, 0)
extern void setclkrate(int, ulong);
extern void setpower(int, int);
extern void setr13(int, u32int*);
extern void sev(void);
extern void spiclock(uint);
extern void spimode(int);
extern void spirw(uint, void*, int);
extern int splfhi(void);
extern int splflo(void);
extern void swcursorinit(void);
extern void syscallfmt(int syscallno, ulong pc, va_list list);
extern void sysretfmt(int syscallno, va_list list, long ret, uvlong start, uvlong stop);
extern int startcpus(uint);
extern void stopcpu(uint);
extern int tas(void *);
extern void touser(uintptr);
extern void trapinit(void);
extern void uartconsinit(void);
extern int userureg(Ureg*);
extern void vectors(void);
extern void vgpinit(void);
extern void vgpset(uint, int);
extern void vtable(void);
extern void wdogoff(void);
extern void wdogfeed(void);
extern int xhcireset(int devaddr);

 * floating point emulation
extern int fpiarm(Ureg*);
extern int fpudevprocio(Proc*, void*, long, uintptr, int);
extern void fpuinit(void);
extern void fpunoted(void);
extern void fpunotify(Ureg*);
extern void fpuprocrestore(Proc*);
extern void fpuprocsave(Proc*);
extern void fpusysprocsetup(Proc*);
extern void fpusysrfork(Ureg*);
extern void fpusysrforkchild(Proc*, Ureg*, Proc*);
extern int fpuemu(Ureg*);
 * Miscellaneous machine dependent stuff.
extern char* getenv(char*, char*, int);
uintptr mmukmap(uintptr, uintptr, usize);
uintptr mmukmapx(uintptr, uvlong, usize);
uintptr mmukunmap(uintptr, uintptr, usize);
extern void* mmuuncache(void*, usize);
extern void* ucalloc(usize);
extern Block* ucallocb(int);
extern void* ucallocalign(usize size, int align, int span);
extern void ucfree(void*);
extern void ucfreeb(Block*);
 * Things called from port.
extern void delay(int);				/* only scheddump() */
extern int islo(void);
extern void microdelay(int);			/* only edf.c */
extern void idlehands(void);
extern void setkernur(Ureg*, Proc*);		/* only devproc.c */
extern void* sysexecregs(uintptr, ulong, int);
extern void sysprocsetup(Proc*);
extern void validalign(uintptr, unsigned);

extern void kexit(Ureg*);

#define	getpgcolor(a)	0
#define	kmapinval()
#define countpagerefs(a, b)

#define PTR2UINT(p)	((uintptr)(p))
#define UINT2PTR(i)	((void*)(i))

#define	waserror()	(up->nerrlab++, setlabel(&up->errlab[up->nerrlab-1]))

#define KADDR(pa)	UINT2PTR(KZERO    | ((uintptr)(pa) & ~KSEGM))
#define PADDR(va)	PTR2UINT(PHYSDRAM | ((uintptr)(va) & ~KSEGM))

#define MASK(v)	((1UL << (v)) - 1)	/* mask `v' bits wide */

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