Plan 9 from Bell Labs’s /usr/web/sources/contrib/miller/9/bcm/screen.h

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typedef struct Cursor Cursor;
typedef struct Cursorinfo Cursorinfo;
typedef struct Lcd Lcd;

struct Cursorinfo {

struct Lcd {
	void	(*draw)(Rectangle);
	void	(*blank)(int);

/* devmouse.c */
extern void mousetrack(int, int, int, int);
extern Point mousexy(void);

extern void mouseaccelerate(int);
extern int m3mouseputc(Queue*, int);
extern int m5mouseputc(Queue*, int);
extern int mouseputc(Queue*, int);

extern Cursorinfo cursor;
extern Cursor arrow;

/* mouse.c */
extern void mousectl(Cmdbuf*);
extern void mouseresize(void);

/* screen.c */
extern void	blankscreen(int);
extern void	flushmemscreen(Rectangle);
extern uchar*	attachscreen(Rectangle*, ulong*, int*, int*, int*);
extern int	cursoron(int);
extern void	cursoroff(int);
extern void	setcursor(Cursor*);

/* devdraw.c */
extern QLock	drawlock;

#define ishwimage(i)	1		/* for ../port/devdraw.c */

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