Plan 9 from Bell Labs’s /usr/web/sources/contrib/quanstro/root/sys/src/fs/aska/sizes.c

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#include "all.h"

extern void exits(char*);

	print("RBUFSIZE	%ud\n", RBUFSIZE);
	print("BUFSIZE   	%ud\n", BUFSIZE);
	print("DIRPERBUF	%ud\n", DIRPERBUF);
	print("INDPERBUF	%ud\n", INDPERBUF);
	print("FEPERBUF	%ud\n", FEPERBUF);
	print("SMALLBUF	%ud\n", SMALLBUF);
	print("LARGEBUF	%ud\n", LARGEBUF);
	print("RAGAP		%ud\n", RAGAP);
	print("CEPERBK 	%ud\n", CEPERBK);
	print("BKPERBLK	%ud\n", BKPERBLK);
	print("sizeof Dentry	%ud\n", sizeof(Dentry));

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