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 * The most fundamental constant.
 * The code will not compile with RBUFSIZE made a variable;
 * for one thing, RBUFSIZE determines FEPERBUF, which determines
 * the number of elements in a free-list-block array.
#define RBUFSIZE	(4*1024)	/* raw buffer size */

#include "../port/portdat.h"

extern	Mach	mach0;

typedef struct Segdesc	Segdesc;
struct Segdesc
	ulong	d0;
	ulong	d1;

typedef struct Mbank {
	ulong	base;
	ulong	limit;
} Mbank;

#define MAXBANK		8

typedef struct Mconf {
	Mbank	bank[MAXBANK];
	int	nbank;
	ulong	topofmem;
} Mconf;
extern Mconf mconf;

extern char nvrfile[128];

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