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lock loop 0x318602f8 called by 0x3011020f held by pc 0x0
stack trace of 16
0x30126d7c 0x30126cd4 0x3012a51e 0x301104d3 0x301106a2 0x30110486 0x3011058d 0x3010ff62 
0x301274df 0x3011055d 0x3010fd7e 0x30110486 0x3010ff62 0x3010ff62 0x3010fd7e 0x3010fd7e 
0x30100219 0x30127365 0x30100360 0x30114a23 0x3010041a 0x30100ba8 0x30114957 0x3010ff62 
0x3011d06d 0x30100009 0x3010ff6e 0x3011d06d 0x3010fff2 0x3010ff62 0x3010fff2 0x3010ff62 
0x3011d06d 0x3011d06d 0x3010fff2 0x3010ff62 0x3010ff62 0x301273d5 0x3010ff62 0x301273d5 
0x3010fd7e 0x3010ff62 0x3010ff62 0x3010fd7e 0x3010fd7e 0x3010fd7e 0x3010fd7e 0x30119cb3 
0x30119adb 0x3014c08e 0x3010ff62 0x3010fd7e 0x30100219 0x30114bbc 0x3011498a 0x30141b68 
0x3011677c 0x301289a8 0x301288e7 0x3010ff62 0x3011055d 0x3011020f 0x3011020f 0x3010ff62 
0x3011020f 0x3010fe48 0x3010fe48 0x30114fbf 0x30100219 0x3010fd7e 0x3010fd7e 0x30114a23 
0x3010fdf5 0x30100ba8 0x30114957 0x30141b68 0x301444a1 0x3011d324 0x3010fff2 0x3010ff62 
0x3011d06d 0x3010fff2 0x30114a23 0x301251a7 0x30124e2c 0x3010ff62 0x30124ca5 0x3010fd7e 
0x30100219 0x301101fc 0x30149e95 0x30149e95 0x3014905a 0x30114957 0x3014457b 0x3010066e 
0x30124e82 0x3014a0ac 0x3014a0ac 0x301497d2 1740 stack used out of 16000

pid 15 wants ref
pid 16 wants nothing
	has mainr rch11/3 file
pid 17 wants ref
pid 18 wants ref
pid 19 wants ref
pid 20 wants ref
pid 21 wants ref
pid 22 wants ref
pid 23 wants file
	has mainr rch11/3
pid 24 wants file
	has mainr rch11/3
pid 25 wants ref
pid 26 wants ref
pid 27 wants file
	has mainr rch11/3
pid 28 wants ref
pid 29 wants ref

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