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1.  copydev doesn't differentiate b/w e99.0 and e99.1
2.  marvell performance problems.
3.  aoe performance.
4.  aoe jumbograms.
9.  handle local interface failure.
a.  handle remote interface failure.
b.  handle local interface addition.
8.  issue all frames at beginning.
c.  e820.
5.  partitioning.
d.  rework config code to allow dropping of interfaces.

6.  il jumbograms.
7.  aoe discovery limits?
e.  chaninit can be called from il with no limit.  at some
point allocation will fail, but dofilter will run out of filters
at <500 channels.  
f.  remove support for 32-bit worms.

Morituri te salutant.

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