Plan 9 from Bell Labs’s /usr/web/sources/plan9/sys/src/cmd/ssh1/cipherblowfish.c

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#include "ssh.h"

struct CipherState
	BFstate enc;
	BFstate dec;

static CipherState*
initblowfish(Conn *c, int)
	CipherState *cs;

	cs = emalloc(sizeof(CipherState));
	setupBFstate(&cs->enc, c->sesskey, SESSKEYLEN, nil);
	setupBFstate(&cs->dec, c->sesskey, SESSKEYLEN, nil);
	return cs;

static void
encryptblowfish(CipherState *cs, uchar *buf, int nbuf)
	bfCBCencrypt(buf, nbuf, &cs->enc);

static void
decryptblowfish(CipherState *cs, uchar *buf, int nbuf)
	bfCBCdecrypt(buf, nbuf, &cs->dec);

Cipher cipherblowfish = 

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