Plan 9 from Bell Labs’s /usr/web/sources/plan9/sys/src/libmach/mips2ureg.h

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struct Ureg
	ulong	status;
	long	pc;
			long	sp;	/* r29 */
			ulong	cause;
			long	usp;	/* r29 */
			ulong	ucause;
	ulong	badvaddr;
	ulong	tlbvirt;

	long	hhi;	long	hi;
	long	hlo;	long	lo;
	long	hr31;	long	r31;
	long	hr30;	long	r30;
	long	hr28;	long	r28;
	long	hr27;	long	r27;
	long	hr26;	long	r26;
	long	hr25;	long	r25;
	long	hr24;	long	r24;
	long	hr23;	long	r23;
	long	hr22;	long	r22;
	long	hr21;	long	r21;
	long	hr20;	long	r20;
	long	hr19;	long	r19;
	long	hr18;	long	r18;
	long	hr17;	long	r17;
	long	hr16;	long	r16;
	long	hr15;	long	r15;
	long	hr14;	long	r14;
	long	hr13;	long	r13;
	long	hr12;	long	r12;
	long	hr11;	long	r11;
	long	hr10;	long	r10;
	long	hr9;	long	r9;
	long	hr8;	long	r8;
	long	hr7;	long	r7;
	long	hr6;	long	r6;
	long	hr5;	long	r5;
	long	hr4;	long	r4;
	long	hr3;	long	r3;
	long	hr2;	long	r2;
	long	hr1;	long	r1;

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