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#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>
#include <thread.h>
#include <sunrpc.h>

static struct {
	SunStatus status;
	char *msg;
} tab[] = {
	SunProgUnavail,	"program unavailable",
	SunProgMismatch,	"program mismatch",
	SunProcUnavail,	"procedure unavailable",
	SunGarbageArgs,	"garbage args",
	SunSystemErr,		"system error",
	SunRpcMismatch,	"rpc mismatch",
	SunAuthBadCred,	"bad auth cred",
	SunAuthRejectedCred,	"rejected auth cred",
	SunAuthBadVerf,	"bad auth verf",
	SunAuthRejectedVerf,	"rejected auth verf",
	SunAuthTooWeak,	"auth too weak",
	SunAuthInvalidResp,	"invalid auth response",
	SunAuthFailed,		"auth failed",

sunErrstr(SunStatus status)
	int i;

	for(i=0; i<nelem(tab); i++){
		if(tab[i].status == status){
	werrstr("unknown sun error %d", (int)status);

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