Wim Sweldens
Welcome to my research material page. This site contains papers, talks, as well as software that I worked on while active as a researcher in wavelets, digital geometry processing, and wireless MIMO systems in the years 1994-2001. During this time, I created the lifting scheme, a new design and implementation technique for wavelets. The JPEG2000 standard is based on lifting and lifting is included in the MPEG4 standard. Lifting also allows for second generation wavelets which can be adapted to complex geometries. This gave rise to a new area of research called Digital Geometry Processing. I also worked on a series of algorithms for differential space time coding used in MIMO systems today. On this website you can find all the papers I wrote during this time.

Since 2001, I have focused on research management, rather than individual research. Currently I am Vice President AlcatelLucent Ventures. In this role I have responsibility for internal venture selection as well as execution of ventures inside Bell Labs. The purpose of the ventures is to rapidly and in an enterpreneurial fashion commercialize new innovative technologies out of our labs. You can find more background on my linkedin profile. For more information on AlcatelLucent, check our website.

Best way to contact me is through email. My email address is my first name at alcatel-lucent.com.