TeX Configuration

The Plan 9 documentation is in troff; however, TeX has been compiled and brought up under the ANSI/POSIX Environment (APE). It is a separate package from the main distribution due to its size.

The TeX distribution can be found in /n/sources/extra/tex.iso.bz2

This is a TeX distribution that uses the kpathsearch modifications; the main library tree is kept in /sys/lib/texmf.


The Plan 9 TeX installation defines three dvips printer drivers (to use with dvips -Pdrivername): ps, psfonts, and bitmapfonts. The appropriate driver to use depends on the intended use of the output.


To add hyphenation patterns for other languages, do the following.

cd /sys/src/cmd/tex/web2c/tex
rm *.fmt
mk install-fmt

It gives errors saying that a file is too old. Go to the file and change the date from 1999 to 200x. Repeat.