WinCE FTP -Diff-

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This page describes how to FTP files from a Plan 9 terminal to an an ipaq running WinCE. You can use FTP rather than ActiveSync to download the linux "osloader" to your ipaq. If you do not have a Windows machine to run ActiveSync, then these instructions are for you.

Attribution: This is based on a similar process for linux outlined at

You need the WinCE Internet Explorer, a serial cradle, and a Plan 9 terminal with a serial device. The idea is to run an FTP server on the terminal, establish a PPP connection to the ipaq, and use WinCE's IE to download files.


Customize ppp(8) to skip authentication when run as a server. This is necessary because it is not evident how to set a WinCE user and secret for CHAP. Here is a patch to the February 21, 2003 version of ppp.c that disables authentication when given an empty secret (with -s ''):

	/sys/src/cmd/ip/ppp/ppp.c:16 a ppp.c:17
	> static	int	skipchap = 0;
	/sys/src/cmd/ip/ppp/ppp.c:253 c ppp.c:254
	< 		if(server)
	> 		if(server && !skipchap)
	/sys/src/cmd/ip/ppp/ppp.c:2617 a ppp.c:2619,2622
	> 		if (strlen(secret) == 0) {
	> 			secret = nil;
	> 			skipchap = 1;
	> 		}


Run an FTP server and your custom PPP server on the terminal. The following examples illustrate what you might send to an interactive rc(1).

	termip=`{ndb/query sys $sysname ip}
	mkdir $root
	mkdir $root/ftp
	echo 'mount #s/boot' / > $root/namespace.ftp
	echo 'bind '$root'/ftp /' >> $root/namespace.ftp
	aux/listen1 -tv tcp!*!ftp /bin/ip/ftpd -An $root/namespace.ftp &
	echo ''''' CLIENT' > $root/chat
	echo 'CLIENTSERVER ''''' >> $root/chat
	myppp -p /dev/eia0 -b 115200 -f -s '' -S -uM $root/chat $termip $bitsyip

You can test your FTP server in another window with "ftpfs $sysname". After logging in as none, you should see the contents of $root/ftp under /n/ftp.


Configure WinCE to talk to the terminal and establish a PPP connection. The following worked with WinCE 3.0.9348 (Build 9616). See for alternative instructions.

You can test the connection with "ip/ping $bitsyip" on your terminal.


Put the files you want to download in $root/ftp on the terminal. Open IE on the bitsy, turn on the address bar, if necessary, and enter


where $termip is your terminal's IP address.