zakame -Diff-

Mon Sep 1 16:21:11 CES 2008, zakame

I've been following Plan 9 since early 2007, but its only now (Aug 2008) that I've begun to set up a full Plan 9 network for daily use.

I'll use this page to document my experience and set up of my Plan 9 network. And maybe later on, as an index for stuff I'll be writing for and on Plan 9. ;-)


I've successfully set up a Plan 9 network on Parallels Desktop 3.0 (build 5608). It consists of 3 virtual machines:

Installation began on cloud9 as a standalone terminal, on a fossil(4)-only disk. After installation from CD, I logged in as _adm_ to install the Philippines timezone:

	% cat >/adm/timezone/Philippines
	PHT 28800 PHT 28800
	% cp /adm/timezone/Philippines /adm/timezone/local

Once enabling the local timezone, I added my own user, and added another disk for the venti(8) archival store.